Opening an ordinary bank account in Switzerland

How do you open an ordinary bank account in Switzerland? What are the timeframes and costs?

According to the National Bank’s latest public data, there are 248 active banks in Switzerland; some of which deal exclusively or mainly with asset management, and therefore have no interest in opening ordinary bank accounts.

Normally, to open an ordinary bank account in Switzerland, you need to go to a credit institution. The banks carry out checks on the person interested in opening the account and subsequently, if they do not find any preliminary rulings, then they open the account within a few days; however, it should be noted that the banks still have the authority and the right to refuse to open a bank account for any reason.  

Hence, our firm offers advice to those interested in exclusively opening an ordinary bank account in Switzerland, advising them as to which Swiss bank to contact (both according to the costs applied by the credit institutions, and according to the client’s needs, such as the location etc.).


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